6 Safety Tips For Women Who Fear Traveling Alone

According to some women, maybe traveling alone is scary, going to a new place, without friends, and alone. But that opinion does not apply to their Solo Female Backpacker, women who are indeed lovers of traveling and know how to be safe when traveling alone.

There is nothing wrong if we women go traveling alone. We can more freely arrange travel schedules and length of time to settle in a place. Many things can we do to avoid things that are not desired while we travel. Today more and more women are traveling and even traveling the world alone, but it remains safe to their destination. This shows that the world of traveling is not as hard as we think if we decide to travel alone. There are some safe tips for you women lovers traveling alone or with friends.

6 Safety Tips For You Women Who Fear Traveling Alone
6 Safety Tips For You Women Who Fear Traveling Alone

1. Before leaving, check your luggage at least 3 times.

Prepare all the luggage needed. In the form of needed clothing, medicines, worship equipment, toiletries, etc. Do not let anyone left behind especially if it is an important item. There is a journey we are not calm and always thinking. So at least 3 times make sure all luggage has entered into a suitcase / backpack. Try not to have too much luggage, just according to your needs, so it is not complicated and does not interfere with comfort when we are traveling.

2. Do not rely on mobile phones, record important numbers on a piece of paper.

Important numbers or emergency numbers are very important to carry when we go far to the city or even to other countries. The number that must be recorded is family or parents, brothers, close friends, or siblings who live in the city that we will visit even if there is, even better there is a hospital number and local police station. Do not rely on a cellphone, even if you have more than one cellphone, if you have the worst chance of pickpocketing or missing, you can still contact your family or the closest person because we have stored a number elsewhere. Keep a piece of paper with the important phone number in your pocket, not in a bag. And don’t forget to always give news to our family wherever we are, don’t because of the fun of traveling so forget family! 🙂

3. Don’t keep all money in your wallet.

Try to keep the money that you have evenly, in your wallet, in your purse, in your pocket, or any other place that is safe to expect the possibility of a bad condition that could happen. And be careful when removing the wallet, especially in public places.

4. Look simple, not excessive.

Do not show the valuables that we have, luxury items or the like that can invite the criminals to us. Do not dress or look too glamorous, do not overly show the impression we have abundant wealth. Our role in the journey becomes a tough and brave woman. And the important thing is also do not look afraid and doubt when going alone, because when in a strange place it sometimes appears fear, even though this will only make you look vulnerable and easy to be attacked by bad people. So, be brave, ladies! We can take care of ourselves as long as no one else is looking after us.

5. Bring your own lunch.

We recommend that you bring your own food and drink to avoid things that are not desirable, try not to accept food or drinks from other people who are not known.

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6. Never forget to pray and worship for God’s protection.

And the most important of all is, do not forget to pray before we travel, ask for prayer parents, and try to always pray and say hello wherever we are. Because when we travel away from family, especially when we go alone, God is always with us, so don’t ever feel alone and afraid.

That was some safe traveling tips alone for women. So what, still afraid and don’t dare to try traveling without friends? Don’t admit to a child traveling if you haven’t felt the sensation of going traveling alone.

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